A decade a little short on competitive football due to WWI. Everton were the last winners in 1914-15 before competition was suspended due to the hostilities. Upon the League's resumption in 1919-20, West Bromwich Albion won their first, and to date, only top tier title.

The period saw a number of scandals, not least the Manchester United / Liverpool Good Friday (1915) betting scandal which saw 7 players suspended. Another 'scandal' which resonates to this day was the admittance of Arsenal who finished 5th in division 2 in 1914-15 to the expanded 22 team first division in 1919-20. In fact, due to an error in the calculation of goal average which wasn't remedied until 1975, it was understood that Arsenal had actually finished 6th. Tottenham Hotspur, who finished bottom of division 1 in 1914-15 were denied a place at their expense. Chelsea who had finished 2nd from bottom, and therefore should also have been relegated, were spared.

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