Just before the bluffer Hodgson takes centre stage again

So here we again at yet another break for Internationals. And what a time to stop.

After bluffing it for perhaps more time than was sensible for the club's hierarchy, Brendan Rodgers was finally handed his cards by Fenway Sports Group.

Whether he deserved the extra time that he had following the monstrous defeat at the Britannia Stadium in May is moot. What isn't subject to any debate is the fact in that 2013-14 he got close, so very close, to delivering Liverpool's first title since before football was invented.

Debate will rage with regard to the impact that Luis Suarez had on that title challenge, the fact is that that season was not Suarez' first season at the club. Rodgers must have had at least some input into the season's success.

But now he's gone. Poor performances since the defeat to Manchester United at Anfield way back in March have meant that his sacking should not have come as a surprise. Indeed, perhaps the only surprise is that the Americans waited as long as they did.

Noises are that Rodgers might be in line for the England job once the duffers at the FA dispense with bluffer Hodgson. In many ways, it might suit Rodgers down to the ground. No transfer committee to work with, just coaching and speaking to the media. That's what he loves best, talking and coaching, coaching and talking.

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