More ramblings on 2015-16 as we approach the end of August

So here we are. Three games gone and now only one 100% record intact. Three other teams previously holding 100% records are still unbeaten.

But that's enough boring stats, what about some joi de vivre? Well, Leicester City are still up there. I listened to 5 Live's coverage at the weekend as I was baking. Spurs took a lead that seemed like it had been coming for ages, yet Ranieri's team were not cowed and struck back almost immediately.

Manchester City look ominously good already, that David Silva is some player, but what is it with Everton? Any game against the likes of City is always a bit of a freak, but they did give City a run for their money - at least to start with.

Beforehand, their somewhat flaky start at home to Watford had been followed by a handsome away victory on the South Coast. It seems as if they will not get sucked into a relegation dogfight, but all Martinez's teams do seem to have a propensity to falling asleep at some stage during the season, so I guess we'll see.

Chelsea got their season off and running with a 3-2 win at West Bromwich - Pedro scoring on his debut. I suppose that the match is probably best remembered for John Terry's sending off, but we don't want to gloat overmuch, these things do have a habit of biting one on the arse.

Down amongst the deadwood, Sunderland pulled off a surprise in winning a point, yes a point, at home to Swansea. Jermain Defoe showed us that whatever his failings as a recruitment specialist, he certainly knows the way to goal. 170 league goals in 337 appearances would amply testify to that.

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