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In days gone by I was mad keen on playing computer games which were based upon the beautiful game. Actually, that's stretching the truth to say 'games' it was actually one game - Kevin Toms' Football Manager.

I had a Commodore 64 and this game was on constantly during my formative years.  I didn't even whinge when the thing wouldn't save my current game and I'd have to go back to Division 4 and start all over again such was its appeal.  There was very little sophistication in the graphics (well it was the 80s) but the rest of the package was very realistic.  You were the manager and your decisions made things happen...

Anyway, nowadays it's all FIFA 2xxx and whatever else it out there.  Each platform (I know, I know) is slightly different, so here I present some reviews of FIFA 2012 for some of the more popular versions currently available on Amazon.

FIFA 2012 on X-Box360

FIFA 12 (Xbox 360) FIFA 12 (Xbox 360)
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