Quarter Finals

The quarter finals line up for WC2010 was thus:

  • Spain 1-0 Paraguay Penalty mayhem, but Spain’s patient passing game is surely the way this game was meant to be played.
  • Germany 4-0 Argentina OMG! This is what a proper football team looks like. Go Germany!
  • Uruguay 1-1 Ghana aet (Uruguay win 4-2 on penalties) No Roy of the Rovers ending for Ghanaian team dressed in Melchester colours.
  • Brazil 1-2 Netherlands They got knocked out, they’ll have to wait again, they’re never gonna win this time…
  • Lehmann: Germany’s time has come I Don’t know about you, but if the Spanish don’t end up winning this time, than I’d have no problems with Germany winning. The biggest shame about England’s dismal departure is that we aren’t prepared to change to give ourselves a better chance of winning in the future. So watch this space for more overblown ...

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