Teams / Associations

The first two international teams were England and Scotland and they played their first match on 5 March 1870.  This resulted in a 1-1 draw.  There were four subsequent matches between the two nations, like the first, all played in London.

Doubt has been cast over the representative nature of the Scottish teams, as they were to a greater or lesser extent made up of London based Scottish players.  Certainly in Scotland the opinion was that these 'Scotland' teams were not properly representative.

Therefore, the first officially recognised international was the one that took place between England and Scotland (effectively Queen's Park) at the West of Scotland Cricket Ground on St Andrew's Day 1872.  A crowd of 4,000 paid a shilling each to watch a 0-0 draw.  Scotland's nimbler players came closet to winning the match when, in the final moments of the game, an attempt from Robert Leckie landed on the tape that served as a crossbar.

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