UEFA 2012 Poland and Ukraine

With the qualifying group matches and play-offs completed, the draw was made for the summer tournament of UEFA 2010 Poland and Ukraine.

It pitched together some familiar foes and some new friends.

Disappointingly, we missed out on a group of debt - Croatia muscling in to Group C with Spain, Italy, Republic of Ireland at the expense of Greece (who were placed with three former Warsaw Pact members (or at least constituent parts thereof) in the shape of Poland, Russia and Czech Republic in Group A).

England were placed with joint hosts Ukraine along with Sweden (again) and France.  Completing the line up we had Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and Portugal in Group B.

The first game will be played on 8 June 2012 in the National Stadium, Warsaw between Poland and Greece. The final will be played on 1 July in the Olympic Stadium, Kiev on 1 July between... well we don't know yet.

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